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ACIJ’s Transparent Selection Processes (Concursos Transparentes) page monitors the processes established to designate judges, prosecutors and public defenders in the City of Buenos Aires, in order to increase the level of transparency in the procedures and promote civil society participation in public discussion about judiciary selection. This initiative disseminates information about these processes, obtained by access to public information requests and complemented by analysis and reflections.

For example, in November, we sent a document to City legislators showing the results of the selection process, the “grades” received by participants at its different stages, exams, videos of oral exams and interviews, jury comments and resumes.

We also sent them a series of interactive graphics created with the Tableau program that mapped candidates’ performance and tracked how their rankings changed after the stages where points were assigned most discretionally. (see). Finally, we attached a list of those candidates who had resumes containing information that could be of public interest. (see)

In November 2012, we discussed the results and conclusions of the Transparent Selection Processes Initiative in a workshop held at the 4th Administrative Law Congress of the City of Buenos Aires. There, we presented quantitative information to reinforce our demands for greater openness in selection processes, reforms in jury selection mechanisms, and less discretion in assigning points at various levels (see).

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In March 2013 we presented a document of conclusions after the process of designation of 64 Magistrates concluded (here (spanish), and traveled to the provinces of Tucumán and La Rioja to hold debates with local NGOs and public officials on the need to reform these processes.

In September 2013 we were invited by the government of Tierra del Fuego to participate in a public forum and the commission that would draft the new law regulating the selection process (here)

To provide NGOs and governments with a tool to organize debate on this issue, we launched a new website with an interactive map to show how judges are selected in each province of Argentina. The clean visualization and infographics help the average citizen understand variance in the selection process across the country, and to stimulate cross-learning between the different provinces of Argentina

Concursos Transparentes

The website also takes advantage of crowdsourcing tools (Eg. here)  to gather information on how the process’ are put into practice, and which aspects of the regulation need to be modified in order for it to be more effective in identifying the best candidates. The platform actively promotes citizen involvement in the fostering of reforms that incorporate more transparency and citizen participation in the process of selecting judges (here)

See results of contest to appoint 14 Judges (in english) – click to access Tableau

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